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Robert Ferguson

As a speaker, writer, and consultant, Robert Ferguson has a passion to add value to others using values.

Robert has been researching and writing on values for more than five years. He has written on 423 differentiating values (as defined in his eBook), and researched the core values, principles, and stated beliefs of the Fortune 500 list of companies.

Through this research, Robert discovered 17 common values that are shared across most businesses. But if these values are so common – and core to every business, and publicly stated – how are they being demonstrated in every day business practice?

In Robert’s workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements he communicates his findings and will give you suggestions on which of the 17 common values you should choose, PLUS he will help you identify and define your own differentiating values to create competitive advantage.

With a twenty-year background in business and marketing, working with Fortune 500 companies and small-to-medium businesses, you will clearly benefit from Robert’s passion to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers build their businesses and brands through the power of values.

Why do values matter to Robert? 

Here’s a short video where Robert talks about how he became interested in values, and how his research stretched to include the common 17 values.


The study of values.

I’ve been fascinated with how businesses behave – perhaps this stems from my background in consumer behavior. This has led to years of research and writing about values in business/marketing, marriage and leadership on FergusonValues.com


Large groups – small groups – workshops – keynotes – lunch ‘n learns… Communicating about values to groups of people is my specialty.  I’ve also spent time with groups exploring leadership principles, marketing trends, and marriage practices.


Taking values to a deeper level – addressing business challenges and direction.

With Robert, values matter… His research is thorough, his information is insightful and his personal character inspire listeners to new heights. 

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