The process to define values.

Robert consults with companies and organizations in four different ways:

  • Phone Consultation
  • Custom Presentation after researching your company & competitors, with recommendations
  • 1/2 day workshop to facilitate the leadership team in choosing their organization’s values
  • In-depth, detailed assessment including customers, competitors & the industry

Knowledge is the first step.

anvil workshopAfter five years of reading and research on values in business, including identifying 17 common values found in the Fortune 500 companies, Robert has both the theory and practical insight to work with owners and leadership teams on the values for their business. And his 20-year career in marketing, working with large to small companies, ensures he can understand the challenges facing business leaders.

The first step in one-on-one consulting:

Which values need to be core to your business – from the list of  17 common values?

Which values will differentiate your business?

What will identifying your company’s values accomplish for your bottom line & direction?

Answer these questions in a half-day workshop.

Robert will work with you and your leadership team in a half-day workshop.

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anvil step 2Step 2 – Addressing Issues

Every business has them – issues.

  • hiring effectively
  • firing clearly
  • future direction
  • competitive differentiation
  • share-holder buy-in
  • partnership cohesion
  • positioning
  • determining your brand essence

Knowing your business’ values provides a tool to address issues.

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